The Bee School

Welcome to The Bee School

The Bee School is all about making beekeeping fun and accessible where our aim is to generate a community with a shared interest whatever the age. Whether it’s just intrigue, for honey harvesting or a new found hobby, we’d love to share the journey with you.

Our wild bee population is in decline and if we can learn from our honeybees, by taking one small action from their teachings, we might just be able to make a positive impact to the wider wild bee population.

Weekend Bee School

Bee Safaris

Kids’ Summer Bee School

We run two-day beekeeping courses for those who are interested in keeping their own bees, and three-hour bee safaris for people that are curious about the world of honey bees and other pollinators. And, to get the kids buzzed about bees, we are running a Kids’ Summer Bee School every Thursday in July.

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