Kids’ Summer Bee School

Aged between 6 and 10 years old? Want to know more about the Honeybee and make some new friends? Then why not join us every Thursday in July for The Bee School’s first ever Summer Bee School. Come along for all four weeks and enjoy some exciting activities, or join us for just one day of bee fun.

What’s involved:

7th July
Power Pollinators

Week one: To kick off our Summer Bee School we’ll be exploring pollination and all the wonderful benefits that come along with it. We’ll go over everything honey bees and other wild pollinators do, why pollination is so important and what little things we can do to help our pollination population. We’ll learn the process of pollination through games and activities, maybe even collect some pollen of our own! Then we’ll get suited and booted and head down to the apiary for a hands on hive inspection and see some real pollinators at work.

14th July
Honey bees

Week two: This week is all about the beloved honey bee, learning about what honeybees are, knowing the difference between the queen, the worker and the drone, getting to know about the food they eat and what they forage on and even learn their favourite colours! Then we’ll get our dancing shoes on and discover how to waggle dance to find treasure. Finally, we’ll finish off with another hands on hive inspection and maybe even catch a live dance in action.

21st July
Where bees live

Week three of summer school will be focusing on where bees live, the different bee hives and how beekeepers first kept their bees and also explore different habitats for wild bees. We’ll look at what you would hope to find on a honeycomb frame, build our own frames and then build our very own wild bee hotel to take home. We’ll finish with a trip to the apiary for a dig around a hive and place our hand built frames for the bees to make honey.

28th July

Week four: We’ll finish the summer school with everyone’s favourite sweet treat; honey! We’ll talk about how the bees actually make honey, why they make honey and the benefits of honey vs. sugar. We’ll sample different honeys from different nectar sources and test our taste buds to see if we can guess which flowers the honey has come from. We’ll design our very own honey label, extract some honey and pour it into our labelled jars to take home. Finally, we’ll finish off our summer school with our final inspection, and see the honey being made first hand.

One session

Full Summer School

Not only are our team kind, fun and knowledgeable, they’re also qualified emergency first aiders for adults, paediatrics and anaphylaxis, so we like to think you’re in good hands. Still have questions? Visit out FAQ page or send us an email at