And so it begins!

And so it begins!

Hi, I’m Heather, founder of The Bee School. A friendly, energetic place where people of all ages can learn about the bees.

The Bee School was a vision that had been brewing for a number of years and was due to come to life in 2020. However, a tiny virus with a devastating impact had other ideas and so the idea lay sleeping while the world muddled its way through a challenging year.

The saying goes ‘everything happens for a reason‘ and despite the uncertainty that this virus caused; the delay left us with plenty of positive impacts and fresh ideas.

In May 2020, I was asked to support a family new to beekeeping, for a CBBC show called ‘Show me the Honey’. I’m totally passionate about the bees (maybe a little obsessive) and a mentor, so figured……why not?

This is where it all changed!

I signed up, met the most interested, capable and super busy family and thought…… after the show and beyond my mentorship, where would this incredible 14 year old get to hang out with other young beekeepers?

The simple answer was nowhere…..maybe a little harsh, but true.

Two months later, an email popped into my inbox; the essence of the email……”I’m really keen to work with bees, I’m experienced, will you give me a job?”…….Everyone, meet Katie!

Katie graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2020 (we don’t have beautiful fun bee imagery for nothing!). During her time at the GSA, Katie was a key member of the Beekeeping Society and this is where she found her love for these furry wee insects. 

Katie also sits on the board of the Scottish Beekeeper’s Association in the interest of young beekeepers, where her role is to encourage more young people to get involved with the world of bees and pollination…..Perfect!

Four weeks later, an opportunity came along to leave my corporate job.

If there were ever enough ‘signs’, this was now clearly shouting, jumping and doing stupid dances in my face.

If I was to do this The Bee School needed to be accessible to everyone, it needed to be motivated by the ‘right thing to do’; a not for profit organisation, but more importantly, it needed to cater for young people. It needed to challenge the traditional approach of the beekeeper and needed to be accessible to the fluid lifesyle of today’s under 30s.

And so it begins!