Based in Loch Lomond near Glasgow, we are a family run business and keen beekeepers of over seven years. Our aim is to share our own learning and educate about the benefits of keeping bees for both the individual and the environment through a range of beekeeping experiences.

Our approach has a strong emphasis on the needs of the young beekeeper and to make traditional beekeeping more accessible. The Bee School is a not-for-profit organisation focused on honey bees, education, wellbeing and the environment.


With over seven years of beekeeping experience, I can openly admit I’ve possibly made every rookie mistake when it comes to taking care of honeybees. But every year these fascinating insects teach me something new, whether it be their unique behaviours or a lesson or two on my own patience and understanding.

Early 2021, I was asked to mentor a new beekeeping family for the BBC’s, CBBC show; ‘Show Me the Honey’, it was on this journey that I realised the severe lack of beekeeping provision for young people in my local area and triggered me to do something about it.

Opening a Bee School has been an ambition since I took up beekeeping, it’s a hobby that’s growing in popularity, especially in urban areas and my vision is to support this with a positive impact to the beekeeper, the bees and the environment.


I was introduced to beekeeping just over six years ago at university when I joined a beekeeping society. I was so astonished as I learnt more and more about honeybees, and still seem to be learning something new each day!

After graduating, I was accepted to the Rowse ‘Bee a Bee Farmer’ apprenticeship, and through this met Heather who took me under her wing to help her with The Bee School.

My vision for The Bee School is to advocate for our shrinking pollinator populations, and to help people grow to appreciate of these important insects through the wonderful world of honey bees.